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Interstellar: Becoming Curious Explorers

This time the guys start by pondering the power of curiosity through the lives of Interstellar heroes, Murph and Coop (along with how to develop a more curious character). Next, by looking at the trajectory of Dr. Mann, they frame up how a leader might fall prey to the allure of power, flipping morality to suit their own narrative. Finally, they take Nolan's bait and contemplate the dimension-bending tesseract scene, dabbling in the intellectual pool of human ascendance.

Pinocchio: The Organic Growth Rate

Derrick and Drew dive into the lovably naïve world of Pinocchio. On this ride, we decipher why the redemption narrative is so important to humanity and introduce the concept of an invisible growth rate that seemingly governs things in our world. By imagining this organic growth rate, we can be more effective at implementing changes that are sustainable over time.

Iron Man: The Power of Prototyping

Like the Iron Man suit, all awesome innovations start with a prototype. By learning from Tony Stark, we can become great prototypers and by extension more effective agents of change in the world.

Ocean's Eleven: Strategically Weaving the Perfect Team

This time on Wonder Tour Derrick and Drew tear down the mechanics of great heists and the teams that undergird the best execution. Through the use of strategic weaving and not merely operational scripts you can give your team the edge under pressure. Everyone could use a dash of Danny Ocean in their leadership repertoire!

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Learning to Surrender

On this week's Wonder Tour Derrick and Drew journey into the life of one of their favorite characters, Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Star Wars universe. We dig into the mentoring relationships that Obi-Wan had with Anakin and Luke, seeking to learn from his failures and successes. We stand in wonder as Obi-Wan becomes a cleansing trauma in the life of Darth Vader/Anakin through the power of surrender.

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